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Bluewater Beach Neoprene Splatter Print Indoor/Outdoor Official Volleyball


The Bluewater Beach Neoprene Splatter Print Volleyball will provide endless hours of fun and exercise for you and your family. The bright colors and fun patterns brings those tropical beach vibes right to your backyard. Made with durable yet soft neoprene, this volleyball is longlisting and offers gentle impact for easy play. Whether you are in the backyard with the family or at the beach with friends, this water repellant volleyball is perfect for all types of outdoor terrain. Suitable for most ages and great for beginners, this ball is ideal for the whole family.

Bluewater Beach Neoprene Splatter Print Volleyball:

  • Butyl bladder offers longlisting air retention
  • Durable neoprene offers soft impact for easy play
  • Perfect for the pool, beach and backyard
  • Great tool for beginners
  • Suitable for most ages"