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Bestway SeaClear Vista Full Face Mask Snorkel Underwater Mask Snorkeling Dive | Adult Face Mask

SeaClear Vista Snorkeling Mask is the best snorkeling gear for adults!! 
What makes Bestway SeaClear Vista stand out??
Comfort: Comes with adjustable straps allowing you to have a personalized fit.
Anti-fog: There is a special coating on the len for our UV400 mask, benificial to anti fog. So you don't worry about fogging your mask up or losing your visibility.
Dry Snorkel: Bestway snorkel full face mask has dry top snorkel system, consisting on a floating ball, that closes a valve as soon as the mask goes under water. This creates a seal and keeps out the water.
Clear 180 degree view: Double flow for anti-fog breathing. Dry-top snorkel technology prevents virtually all water infiltration. Easily adjustable side buckle. Soft liquid silicone face skirt and strap. Full face coverage.
Operation Instruction:

1. Make a little wet for the bottom of breathing tube before inserting the tube into the mask in order to easily detach the tube after used.
2. Push the breathing tube in until the pin locks into place.
3. Tug the tube to test if it is firmly in place. The tube should completely cover the seal and be flush against the snorkel mask.
4. Pull the straps of the snorkel mask over your head when putting on the mask.
  • Clear 180 degree view
  • Double flow for anti-fog breathing
  • Dry-top snorkel technology prevents virtually all water infiltration
  • Easily adjustable side buckle
  • Full face coverage