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Bluewater Beach Mini Pro Style White Lacrosse Stick & Ball Set - 34"

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Bring the fun indoors or play around in the backyard with the Bluewater Beach Lacrosse Set. This two stick set with ball is sure to be a hit with kids and players looking to practice and mess around with a friend. Works great for basements, backyards, dorms, the beach, and more. Includes two Bluewater Beach sticks and one mini ball.

  • LEARN TO PLAY LACROSSE: The perfect lacrosse stick & ball set for developing the proper fundamentals in the sport for the first time!
  • IMPROVE HAND-EYE COORDINATION: The bright blue lacrosse head and ball allow your child to follow the ball and improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills!
  • PRO-STYLE NETTING: Pro-style strung head with deep pocket for enhanced learning, providing a more forgiving response for each throw during practice. Not fit for competitive play, college or high school play.
  • THINNER ABS SHAFT allows for easier stick handling for beginner players picking up a Lacrosse Stick for the first time! The shaft also features a full coverage graphic wrap for added fun & excitement!